Cover Fail: The Italian Translation Of Leigh Bardugo’s “Shadow And Bone”

leigh bardugo covers

What. Is. This?

That’s what passed through my mind when I saw this Italian translation in a bookshop. Talk about cheap ripoff! I love the original covers of the Grisha Trilogy. They set the mood of the story: they use dark colours (definitely fitting for the story…), they evoke the different amplifiers Alina uses (in this case, with the shape of antlers), and they set the atmosphere for a Russian-themed story (the domes). And the lettering is stunning, perfectly merged with the rest of the cover’s design.

The Italian one? Oh my God, what a disaster. Flat. With random imagery (is that a dragon on the right side? And then a hawk? Why? And why is the girl – presumably Alina – holding a sword? Alina doesn’t use a sword! And what are those tattoos??). Cheap copyright-free font (why vaguely Art Noveau??).
It looks like it was done by an amateur. Look at the girl’s hands! What is that??

No wonder the other books in the trilogy were never published. With such shoddy work, I doubt this book sold enough to warrant the publishing of the rest. Which makes me so mad. There are so many good books translated into Italian that simply deserve better publishers.